Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let the Torture Begin!

Kings Mountain Marathon, NC! 26.2 complete! April 21, 2012. What an awesome 6 months of training and the girls I trained with in my Galloway group have become a much closer group to me. The 13.1 with Donna in Jacksonville, Fl was such an amazing experience, I will post more about it shortly. It's only April and I have my first marathon under my belt! I already have my sights set on my next marathon in October. I have picture and stories to share, but now it's time for bed. I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st. Where has the time gone?

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  1. Wow girl I'm so impressed you are kicking ass and taking names! I only ran a total of 4 miles this weekend and they felt great I can't wait till I can get 10 under my belt in one weekend.