Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bust a Move

How's everyone doing on this wintry Wednesday? How many have stuck with their New Year's resolutions so far? I'm pleased to say that I'm doing a-ok so far. I've got some reading in, my daily exercising is building up, and I plan to attack my closet and billfolder this weekend! My friend Sarah also knows of a fun and free Zumba class, so that'll be happening soon.

Moving on ... my day was full of royal wedding news. Like I've briefly mentioned before, I blog for a UK entertainment website, covering music, movie, television and pop culture news. With Prince William and Kate Middleton's recent engagement, I've also covered some of the events surrounding their forthcoming royal wedding. Lots of fun so far. Anyhow, my day plugged along at a steady pace and I only stopped for my three main meals.

I'm an oatmeal fan obviously and regularly feature my go-to staple, Love Your Man Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Please bear with me this week as it's my breakfast through Thursday. But this morning I also had an egg on seven-grain toast on the side, plus an iced skim latte.

For lunch, Ryan and I were in the middle of deadlines, so we had to make it quick. We had a beef burrito from Evol (with jalapeno side drizzled on top) and a salad on the side. I topped my mixed greens with sliced tiny peppers and chopped tomatoes with a tablespoon of Kraft's light balsamic vinaigrette. This carried me through dinner. No in-between snacking, no cravings, no problem.

Once dinnertime rolled around, Ryan resorted to one of his healthy classics: grilled chicken gyros. We serve ours on a whole-wheat pita that's topped with a light greek yogurt sauce. From there, add chicken, some cucumber and some pepper. We LOVE this one!

My daily workout came later in the evening with some "Just Dance 2" on Wii. I know I'm a little late in coming around to this popular game, but it RULES! My Mom got our family "Just Dance 2" while everyone was home during the holidays. Everyone participated, including my Dad and Ryan. Totally addicting and super fun. I danced my butt off so much during Christmas that my arms and legs were sore for days.

So naturally, once we returning to Chicago, I found an on-sale copy at Best Buy. And tonight I busted a move for 30 minutes. This is my ideal workout, too. The quickness of each routine totally keeps me focused and I just love dancing, plain and simple. Perfect timing for me during these winter months, as I'm just not feeling the elliptical right now.

Ok, it's time for me to call it a night. I'm going to give The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo another go. May you have a fantastic evening and a great start to your Thursday morning. Cheers!

How often do you change up your exercise routines?


  1. Glad that everything went well at your side. I'm trying to take it easy this year. Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. I LOVE Just Dance 2! It's such a fun way to sneak in a lil exercise, I'm obsessed.

  3. Just Dance 2 is my fave, too! I have committed to 3 songs each night, followed by 30 minutes of Wii Fit. My arm and back muscles are sore!

  4. Mac, I am so impressed with your progress! :-)

  5. Hey, it's great to see you posting and back again. I have not tried anything on Wii. I think I'm too much of a gym rat. I love lifting weights and long distance cardio, but I say anything that anyone does for movement is great!

    I am strong and steady with my goals for this year, most of them I'm keeping private, just not posting about them yet. :)