Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a New Year and I Am Back! Running!

I have missed blogging and need to make the time to do it.

I've got the running bug again and I love it! I have been super motivated to get into running again now that I have a great group to do the work with. I have had a standing Saturday morning training run date with the girls from work (Danielle and Mel!) since early December 2010. Mel and her husband started doing 5K race after 5K race and I loved how excited and motivated Mel always sounded. Danielle and I soon joined her on various workout adventures.

They introduced me to "The Bruce", a great 1 hour cardio/strength training workout put together by YMCA staff trainer Bruce. I've never met him, but boy did that kick my butt. So, together we are on our way to becoming runners. Mel has been at it for months and this is her first time being a runner. Danielle too! I've always liked running and began seriously giving it a shot back in Flint, Michigan when I was the Aquatics Director for the Downtown Flint YMCA. The famous Flint run is the annual CRIM, a 10-mile run through the city that happens every August.

What a rush that was. I did the Jeff Galloway training run and learned to run/walk. This made the impossible possible. When I first started, I was winded after one mile, but we were soon running four miles... and low and behold I could do 12! I did that for two summers. Now, I am up to four miles and have my first 5K on January 22 in downtown Greenville, SC. Mel then posted that she was going to run a half-marathon! Mel's enthusiasm is so addicting. I am now doing the half-marathon too and I have pulled good old Jeff Galloway's "Marathon" book off the shelf and gave it a good dusting. It just so happens that the half-marathon training schedule on his website fits into our time frame perfectly for an April 30th race in Greenwood, SC! I am so excited.

Additionally, Stephen has joined us on one run and may do the 5K, too. We have become YMCA members again and Stephen has got the workout bug. Thank goodness because he has also been my motivation on the evenings that I haven't wanted to get out the door and says "Get in the car, we are going to the Y!" I am so thankful for him. Here's to running!

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