Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Used to be a Runner ... and I Am On My Way Again!

I just came back from the Y and completed a 5 mile run on the track while Stephen played basketball. I have been training for about a month now and feel quite good with my runs. I generally walk for a 5 minute warm-up and pick up the pace at a 1/1 run/walk. I love this training method, introduced to me at my first CRIM Training Run event in the gym at Mott Community College in Flint, MI in April of 2002 (I was 24). I have been thinking about previous races I had completed while working in Flint, and I wondered if I could find the results online. I love the internet! Finding all the results took a matter of 10 minutes! What a great way to track my running career! So, I've done a few, but I am quite a bit older now, many pounds heavier, and not in the shape I used to be. I haven't really had too much interest in my time completions, but looking back, I was pleasantly surprised to see some improvements over the years. I am looking forward to adding to this time line, as I have several races on my training schedule from now until April...and I do believe I'd like to go home and run the CRIM this coming August. I seem to recall there was a half marathon in addition to the 10 mile run, maybe a week later. I will have to do some researching.

So here it is. I am about to turn 33 the last day of this month. My first 5K in years is next Saturday. My game plan was to make sure I had a good warm up before the start so I could go right into my run/walk. Time didn't matter, but now it is starting to. I completed my 5 mile run in 1:22:54, but this was not at race pace, included a 5 minute warm-up walk, and water breaks at each 1 mile increment (YMCA indoor track).

Race Time Line
I remember running these first 2 races with no training practice, I ran the whole time, and I was most definitely huffing and puff. It felt awesome to complete them though!

Race 1
5K - October 20, 2000
MSU / U of M Tailgate Challenge
Flint, MI

Female Age Group: 20-24
Place Name School Name Age Time Pace
13 Raina Allen MSU 22 39:30 12:43

Race 2
4 mile - March 16, 2002
Shillelagh 4M
Flushing, MI

Female Age Group: 20-24
Place Name Age Time Pace
14 Raina Allen 24 46:28 11:37

Here I had such an awesome group of people to train with. I was scared to run 10 miles! In 3 months! However, the drive and the way running made me feel were enough to want to complete such a big challenge. My running group leader knew I wasn't doing all the work I was supposed to be completing on the other 6 days between our long run days. It was so hard to fit it in, but I was able to keep up. I was NOT the best one in the group lets say! Even with training just one day a week with runs of increasing distance up to 12 miles and working out maybe 2 days additionally was enough to get the job done. I completed the CRIM! This is a huge deal in Flint every year. Can't wait to do it this fall. It has been 8 years.

Race 3
10 mile - August 24, 2002
CRIM 10 Mile Run
Flint, MI

Female Age Group: 20-24
Place Name Age Time Pace
190 Raina Allen 24 2:15:08 13:31

I kept up the races through the next year and still enjoyed it.

Race 4
5K - Nov 1, 2002
U of M/MSU Tailgate Challenge
Flint, MI

Female Age Group: 20-24
Place Name Age Time Pace
8 Raina Allen 24 36:08 11:38

Race 5
5K - August 7, 2003
Great Pizza Challenge 5K Run & Walk
Flint, MI

Female Age Group: 25-30
Place Name Age Time Pace
16 Raina Allen 25 34:13 11:01

I was a bit shocked when I looked up this time and discovered it was about 5 minutes better than the previous year, because I did not do the training run for this CRIM. I did train sporadically with a neighbor. The best part was knowing the course, because those Bradly Hills are torture!

Race 6
10 mile - August 23, 2003
CRIM 10 Mile Run
Flint, MI

Female Results
Place Name Age Time Pace
16 Raina Allen 25 2:10:18 13:01

So, here I am, 8 years older at (soon to be) 33 and finding myself infected with the running bug like no other. I have loved re-reading Jeff Galloway's Marathon again (CRIM training run is based on his training method), learning about the "Penguin" from Mel, and reading numerous running blogs. The inspiration is needed.

Here's the plan so far:
1. 5K (3.1 miles) on January 22, 2011
2. 10K (6.2miles) on March 5, 2011
3. Half Marathon on April 30, 2011
4. 10 mile CRIM at the end of August 2011

For the first time, I have a desire to run a marathon at some point in my life. This is the ultimate running goal for me, but I don't have a plan for this part in mind. I definitely want to include more 5K's in here too.

So, here's to my 2011 running year!


  1. raina--congrats on getting back into running! i love your 5-mile walk/run strategy and will definitely have to try it! happy birthday, by the way!

  2. Congrats on your successful run! I'm sure you'll have some great races this year!