Sunday, June 13, 2010

I completed week 1 of P90X! :-)

I just successfully completed my first week of P90X! It was seriously rough going after Plyometrics on day 2, as always. I was expecting to be in loads of pain, and I was! That’s what kept me from ever getting to the end of the week. I did have to skip my 3rd day workout because I simply could not move! Yoga was a wonderful relief for stretching my muscles, but as Tony refers to it, Yoga X is not easy all in itself. I just happen to really enjoy yoga, so I knew it would make me feel better. But seriously, it’s too long, 1hr and 20 minutes.

It may seem sad to some, but it was a huge accomplishment to finish this week. The World Cup started Friday, so some drinking ensued as our divided house cheered on England and the USA Saturday. We tied!! Felt like a win to me and a loss to my husband. I kept it down to 2 beers, don’t need those empty calories.

So here’s to week 2! Tomorrow is a rest and stretch day. I begin anew on Tuesday.

The cruise is next week, so I hope I can stay on track and do my work outs on the ship every day.

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