Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making our debut

Fighting the pudge. We all know what it is. Getting in shape and the countless means in which an individual goes about doing so is a constant discussion in today's society and for most women, a regular battle. "Fighting the Pudge: Two Friends Finding Their Way to a Healthier Life" is the place created by and for two hardworking, passionate, giddy gal pals--who love rock'n'roll, laughing, their family and friends--who want to get a handle on some of that extra poundage. With one down south and another in the Windy City, we hope we can inspire each other and maybe others to remain in the game.

We know we're gonna have good days and bad days. Life isn't perfect. But using the motivation of friendship has put us here ... so let's do this.

[Thanks to Toothpaste for Dinner for the image.]

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