Monday, June 21, 2010

Keepin' On

I've developed a nasty habit of not logging my calories during the weekend, but I stayed true to eating healthy this past weekend as compared to the previous one: chicken kebobs, corn on the cob, lean sirloin for a hamburger, sweet potato fries, lots of salad and tons of water.

It was back to biking this morning and I completed my 45 required minutes. It's been raining a lot lately in the Windy City, and Monday wasn't supposed to be any different, so I didn't think I'd be able to start my week off outside. But I went against the weatherman and headed outside. I anticipate the thunderstorms will finally roll in come dinner time.

Since I've been off from work, I've been the one planning meals and the groceries each week. Sunday is our usual grocery day, but my husband went ahead and planned the dining courses this week. I wasn't so sure, only because I've been the one taking care of things. But I do trust my husband's tastes and choices and he is a wonderful, healthy cook. We'll rock butternut squash soup for lunch this week, and rotate between Thai Basil Turkey (ground turkey, veggies and brown rice) and jerk chicken for dinner. I stick to my regular Cherrios, skim milk and blueberries for breakfast. It's only 3:26pm and I feel like I've succeeded so far today ... as long as I keep busy and stay away from snacking, I'm good.

Happy Monday everyone!

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