Monday, September 27, 2010

Falling Behind

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Man, I tell ya, weekends operate at the speed of light and before you know it, it's Monday AM and then it's nearly the end of the work day. I've been meaning to catch up on my blog posts since Friday, but I figure starting fresh rather than going backward is a better way to kick things off this week. So hello, again!

Thanks for all of the fantastic comments on balancing work with exercise. I'm glad I'm not alone. Even though I've only been freelancing for BBC America's entertainment blog, Anglophenia, for a week, I'm still working out some kinks. I didn't hit the elliptical trainer (my first 45 minutes in nearly a week) until 5:30PM today, which is much later than I'm used to. But hey, this is how the working world does it, right? Gotta get back in it. In a perfect world, I'd love to exercise when I get up in the morning, but with a husband working at home and my 7:30AM start time, it's a little difficult.

Anyways, breakfast featured a new recipe, fANNEtastic food's Blueberry Spelt Pancakes with Yogurt Maple Banana topping. YUM-MY! I am probably the world's worst pancake maker, for I had to pitch the first one I made, but my second was a hit with Ryan. And as they say, third time's a charm and the pancake I had was lovely. The banana topping is really light and much tastier than I had imagined. I used Fage's fat-free yogurt and the bitter taste wasn't so noticeable with the combined banana and maple syrup. I also had an iced coffee.

For lunch, I had Sweet Potato Chili, which is included in Whole Foods' Market Cookbook. This is FAB-U-LOUS! It's also a little spicy, but I don't mind spicy. I also had an orange on the side.

Later on this afternoon, I was feeling a bit crazed in between blog posts, for I also squeezed in two phoners for a press bio I'm working on. I was looking for something crunchy, so I grabbed some pretzels and a spicy McClure's pickle with a club soda. Best!

Once the work day finally ended and my workout was completed, I was starving for dinner. I snacked on an Adora milk chocolate calcium disc. These little guys are really perfect.

Lastly, for dinner, Ryan prepared baked parmesan tilapia with grilled asparagus. He also whipped up an incredible mustard-based sauce for the asparagus. SO GOOD! It's a little bit of mustard powder, dijon mustard, greek yogurt, red wine vinegar, and tarragon with salt and pepper to taste.

I also caught up on last Thursday's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy during my workout today. Wow! Did anyone see it? I am so proud of Christina! But this season is gonna be another doozy. Hope to catch up with Private Practice tomorrow. Did anyone else catch some great TV last week?

Ok, I gotta put this post to bed and enjoy some R&R ... and some gelato. :) Many thanks for reading Fighting the Pudge! Have a fab evening!

What's your favorite post-work or post-dinner snack?


  1. I usually want something savory. Pop Chips, pretzels, string cheese, etc. And then there's the random craving I get for a bowl of cereal. Very strange.

  2. Your dinner looks perfect for me! Hey Mac, not bad! You're cooking the whole day. haha... So, what do you think? And more desserts later after this.... Oh no!

  3. LeashieLoo: Yessss, I LOVE PopChips. I haven't had any in a while. Time to get me some. What cereals do you like?

    Kristy: Aww thanks for the kind words. Ryan and I split up and/or share the cooking ;) More desserts? YUM! Can't wait!