Thursday, September 30, 2010

Non-Stop All Day Long

When your job consists sitting in front of a computer for eight-plus hours, it can be bad news bears sometimes. Today was hectic with several deadlines and it was just one of those days where my eyes felt fuzzy from staring at computer for too long. I'm also going stir crazy because I haven't channeled any of my energy through exercise. This has to stop. It's my fault for taking on additional freelance assignments on top of my regular freelance gig. I never learn, I suppose.

Anyways, I prepped my favorite Love Your Man-Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfast and had an iced coffee. I like oatmeal in general, but I've been sticking with Bethenny Frankel's easy and healthy version for a while now. Any oatmeal lovers out there with other suggestions?

Lunch was quick today, with a non-dairy burrito from Amy's Kitchen. I've never had anything from Amy's Kitchen before and my burrito was surprisingly good. I had mine with two tablespoons of light sour cream and jalepeno sauce.

I fought against snacks today and only had a small one about an hour after lunch. This time I had a McClure's garlic pickle with some part-skim, light string cheese and some pretzels.

Quittin' time didn't roll around until 7pm tonight and when all was said and done, I was starving and exhausted. I haven't had sushi in ages, so I had some spicy tuna and salmon rolls. Yum!

Come tomorrow morning, I promise myself that I'll wake up 6:30AM to hit the elliptical trainer. At the very least, I'm going on a 45-minute walk with the designs of hitting the elliptical at 5PM. Either way, the last two weeks haven't yielded my greatest performance in the exercise department. My AIDS Run Walk is Saturday ... it'll be SO GREAT to be outside and walk five miles. I cannot wait to break away from the routine. One day and counting!

The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice will have to sit tight via my DVR. It's a quick freelance deadline and some blood orange gelato tonight. Until tomorrow ... thanks a mil for reading! xx

Do you ever have a week where things just don't seem to fall into place, especially after trying so hard to get it together during the week before?


  1. I can totally relate. Eight hours at the computer is 7 hours too many. I love sour cream on everything, so seeing it on your burrito made me hungry!

  2. Hey girl - I am having the same issues with exercise. It's so hard to get it in but once I'm doing it I love it! Did you mention before that you wanted to try zumba? I've never been and have been wanting to try. Maybe we can meet up at a class and try it together. Interested?

  3. You made the sushi! How lovely it that. I thought you're too busy to cook. Oh how I hate serious exercise. I still prefer to stay at home and do my step walking exercise. No rush! Just take it easy. However, hope you're having a great time at the AIDS run walk! Have fun.

  4. Merut -- HAHA! I am right there with ya... I had some moments last week where I wish I could just step away from the PC.

    Tracey -- YES! Let's try Zumba! I sent ya an email. :)

    Kristy -- Oh I'm not there yet, with the sushi :) It's just store bought from Whole Foods! I WISH I could make my own. Baby steps, right?
    And working out at home is soooo peaceful, isn't it? Thanks so so much for the kind words about my walk. I appreciate it.