Saturday, September 11, 2010

Piedmont Pup

Atlanta is a storm of thunder and lightening at the moment. But, for the majority of the day, we had 100% goregous weather! So, Teddy and I decided to spend our morning outside, and we ended up on a bit of a park adventure. We hit Lenox Park, as well as Piedmont Park--all before lunch!

Lenox Park, with its various walking paths and great scenery, is only a mile from home, and as a result, it's a hot spot for Teddy and me on Saturday mornings. We trekked for about 45 minutes, and I'd say we managed a little over 2 miles. It was the perfect morning energy booster for me. As for Teddy...he definitely earned his mid-morning nap. :)

A bit later, Teddy and I had big plans to attend Piedmont Park's SOLD OUT "Splish Splash Doggie Bash". We didn't actually have tickets. But, we couldn't pass up a chance for Teddy to swim in the Parks' pool with all of his furry buddies, and we kind of figured Teddy's sweet face would convince the event's organizers to let us in. Haha. Unfortunately, we got our dates wrong, and the big swim is NEXT Saturday.

Nonetheless, being the resourceful duo that we are, we did another long walk around the Park, and we happened upon the Park's Green Market. The Green Market is a mini-sized farmer's market with a bunch of organic food options, including produce, frozen yogurt, and even dog treats. It worked out well for Teddy, who walked away with peanut butter-flavored sweets, courtesy of Big Daddy Biscuits. It worked out well for me too, since the long walks kept me from having to visit the gym today!


  1. Oh Steph, I love your doggie! haha... He's so adorable. Wow, I love to see those dogs enjoying the swim under the sun too! Any chances you might get the ticket? =o(
    However, enjoy your weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. Your puppers is so cute!!!

  3. Glad To Make Teddy's Day. Big Daddy Will Be Providing Samples In All Of The Swag Bags Next Weekend.

  4. teddy appreciates the compliments! he's totally blushing! :)

    lauren--see you at splish/splash!