Friday, September 17, 2010

The Weekend Has Arrived

Happy Friday everyone! Ryan and I are heading back to Michigan in a couple of hours for a fun, football-filled weekend. We're joining my Dad in East Lansing for the Michigan State/Notre Dame game on Saturday and I cannot wait. The MSU/ND game is always at night (8pm on ABC) and there's nothing like being underneath the lights. Tons of fun! Here's hoping the projected thunderstorms disappear.

This morning I wanted to try something new for breakfast. I had some chocolate smoothie powder from Vega Shake & Go left in the cupboard, so I opted to take a look on the web for some inspiration. I ended up going with Evan's Vega Mix-N-Go Breakfast. I like to call it Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Pudding!

Wowsa, what a mix of bananas and oats! A little bit of Vega powder goes a long way, too. I also added chia seeds to mine. Super good with my iced coffee!

After breakfast, I headed outside for some power-walking. During my 40-minute outing, I also came across the following:

Pretty sweet, right? It's an advertisement for a Nintendo's time-travel mystery game, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Anyhow, I love it and many of these sorts of posters can be found at The Love Shop and Keep Calm Shop, both via Etsy. Other bloggers like Heather and Danielle also champion 'em too. Words to live by, yeah?

Before lunch, I plowed through another intense 25-minute run on the elliptical. But I was hunnnngry after that, so Ryan and I headed to Whole Foods for some food. I had some mixed greens with veggies and balsamic vinegar, and berry-watermelon salad. I couldn't pass up my regular fave, Tomato and Basil soup, either. To drink, I had a blackberry Izze.


We'll be having dinner on the road tonight and I've packed myself one of these beauties plus a vegetarian chocolate chip cookie and an orange!

Before I step in the car, I've calculated 10,317 steps on the pedometer, so I feel good to go! WOO! May everyone have a relaxing and fun weekend! Thanks again for reading. GO STATE!


  1. Great to hear you're enjoying your weekend! Hubby is sick(chicken pox) and I'm busying cooking for everyone & doing house chores. Will try to take a nap in awhile. Have fun!
    Cheers, kristy

  2. good on ya for planning ahead and packing sandwiches!