Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football weekend and more

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope your weekend is going great and that the weather is fab where you are. My weekend was mostly low key, with lots of college football on Saturday. And when it comes to college football, Ryan and I live in a divided household. I am a graduate of Michigan State University, whereas he is a graduate of the University of Michigan. We're big, big rivals, although I might say that the rivalry between UofM and Ohio State is much more serious. Anyhow, we love this time of year and look forward to screaming at the TV in support of our respective teams.

For breakfast on Saturday, Ryan prepped his own version of hippie hash, which is inspired by The Fleetwood, a greasy-spoon diner on Ann Arbor's west side and one of the city's most treasured establishments. I also lived two blocks down the street from the Fleetwood for nearly seven years. People LOVE this place! Anyhow, hippie hash is a must-have, with it's mix of onions and peppers, feta, potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Our version, however, included a combination of two eggs with three eggs white with broccoli, scallions, and cherry tomatoes. I paired mine up with some toasted sandwich thins from Arnold. I eventually topped one with a half-tablespoon of raspberry preserves. YUM!

I had high hopes (and efforts) for making a healthy lunch menu in advance of Saturday's games, but it wasn't to be. I was hoping to find something new, instead of your usual bar fare. But we went with our signature chicken tenders from Perdue. These white chicken tenders are baked and we like to indulge in some buffalo sauce, too. Add a side of veggie and some of Ryan's homemade ranch dip (mayo, lemon juice, and herbs) and there's our football lunch. I kept things healthy with loads of water throughout the afternoon.

See, Ryan is into it!

My Michigan State Spartans beat the Western Michigan Broncos 38-14 and Ryan's Michigan Wolverines surprisingly toppled the Connecticut Huskies 30-10, so not a bad opening day to football season. We ended our evening with some pizza from Robey's. I can't resist their margherita pizza.

Our summer basically came to a close on Sunday with our fourth and final Cubs game. Ryan won a pair of bleacher seats during the Roscoe Village Burger Fest in July, so we were happy to go. I wanted to load up on protein and carbs prior to the game in order to fight off any game-time cravings, so we had two eggs on whole-wheat toast, plus I had some fruit, a small glass carrot-celery and apple, and an iced coffee. This kept me satisfied for much of the day.

Sunday's weather was really lovely, too, no humidity at about 75 degrees. I did enjoy a hot dog with mustard and a diet coke later on. But we were still a bit hungry, so we had salads (mine was mixed greens with chicken, gorgonzola cheese, and grapes) at a nearby bar, where we watched the rest of the game. The Cubs ended up losing to my former New York Mets 18-5. Yikes! All in all, a lovely day.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Have fun.