Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snack Attack ... Arrggh!

Happy Wednesday, folks. I have to say today I was sort of in a snacky mood although the morning and early afternoon didn't start that way.

Breakfast featured one of my regular favorites, a one-egg sandwich served on a Arnold multi-grain sandwich thin and ghee with strawberries. My friend Katie recently commented about my use of ghee, asking if it's the Indian kind. Well, I think so? When I was home over the summer my Mom was all about what she called "ghee". She informed me that it's just (boiled) unsalted butter, but with the fat scooped off the top. So essentially it's clarified butter, right? Once scooping the fat off the top, I pour the melted butter in a small jar and refrigerate. It lasts me about three weeks. And a small portion goes along way. That's my ghee.

Ryan and I realized that we kind of blew it this week with our meal preparations, in that we failed in making enough food for the entire week. So for lunch today, we resorted to having organic Mediterranean garlic and herb ravioli from Rising Moon. We serve ours with chunky vegetable pasta sauce from Rinaldi. Reallllllly good stuff! I also had a mixed greens salad with baby beets, cucumbers, walnuts, and BelGioso parmesan cheese.

After lunch, I grabbed one of my trusty dark chocolate calcium disks from Adora. I LOVE THESE!!

Again, getting back to our lack of planning in the meal department, we ended up at Whole Foods for dinner. This worked out nicely since we had to pick up a few odds and ends. I grabbed for as many greens and colors at the salad bar and ended up with some kale with cranberries, cucumber salad, curry cauliflower and some pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. I can never pass up Whole Foods' soup, and tonight I had their chunky vegetable with orzo. To drink, I tried Zevia's orange flavor. My Mom talks a lot about stevia and Zevia's caffeinated beverage uses stevia. Good good good!

When we got home is when things started to go the snack route. I should have reached for a water instead, but I wanted to chomp on as many Potato and Cheddar PopChips as I wanted to. I couldn't stop. They're too good.

Bad news is that my exercise is falling to the wayside because of all of my work time spent on the computer. I need a vacation from my desktop, STAT! I pray I see my elliptical on Thursday.

Thanks for reading! Hope your Wednesday was fab fab fab!

How do you handle it when your snack cravings kick in?

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