Monday, July 12, 2010


My Mom and sister came to visit Ryan and I last weekend and it was a blast! Definitely one of the best times I've had in Chicago so far. But when it comes to the weekend, juggling different plans with my calorie count can be a bit challenging to say the least. I wuss out.

It's not that I go totally gorge out on junk food or that I ignore my diet altogether. It's just that I struggle with keeping up with logging in (and blogging about) my fitness and nutrition accomplishments. Most weekends I don't work out and I don't chart my meal plans. This isn't good. When my Mom and sister were here, Ryan and I did make a pretty tasty meal plan for Friday lunch (chicken panini sandwiches with prosciutto and roasted red pepper, pasta salad and fruit salad), but we ate out three times: Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner. Saturday lunch was a bit special, as our neighborhood of Roscoe Village was hosting the first annual Burger Fest. It was AWESOME! And to my surprise, the burgers served were mini burgers, so I didn't feel guilty about indulging in a margherita burger (mozzarella, basil and tomato) and sweet potato fries.

Saturday night also got away from us, as we were both tuckered out from the day at Navy Pier, plus the humidity and summer heat, to grill out for dinner. Plus it started raining. We opted for some tasty thin crust pizza from Frasca.

But here we are again, and it's Monday! I rocked the elliptical for 45 minutes this morning and completed 10 sets of 10-count dumbbell exercises. For breakfast, I had two Nutri-Grain Eggo waffles with one tablespoon of apricot preserves and slices of from one banana.

Lunchtime included cool cucumber with avocado soup, a cup of pasta salad and multi-grain flatbread with a fourth cup part-skim mozzarella cheese. Really tasty and satisfying. I almost didn't add the cheese sandwich, but I was struggling with my protein intake since the soup was so low in calories.

After some errands and a stop at Whole Foods for some more kale, dinner featured one and one-fourth cups of turkey chili with corn and black beans (forgot to take a photo). I originally thought I had logged this on my sparkpeople profile ahead of time, so when I went to check my daily totals (protein, fat, carbs and calories), I thought I was way under for what was required, so I ended up noshing on two over roasted turkey slices, seven cherries, and a small bit of chocolate. To me, it was kind of mish-mash, even though I tried going for things that were healthy and heavy on the protein.

I still might top my night off with some vanilla Siggi's yogurt and a nectarine. I'm such a dessert fanatic. Anyhow, with that, I will make all required totals for today!

Job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!

ps... I almost forgot! I was showing my Mom how Wii Fit works on Saturday morning and I went through a bunch of exercises and showed her the Body Test. I LOST TWO POUNDS!!!! My first sign that all of this stuff is actually starting to pay off. I'm in between 149 and 150 pounds. Go me!

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