Friday, July 23, 2010

The Booger is Back!

I have not blogged since leaving for the cruise! But I have been exercising. It was such an exciting time to spend with my Mom, family, and friends. It was the honeymoon Stephen and I never took and a fun celebration of my wonderful Mommy. The Graytrax gang all picked up where we left off as teenagers; what a blast; they were all there in addition to some great family company!

Motivation to stay on P90X started strong on the cruise, with additional trips to the ship’s gym. Kerri and Aunt Marcia were great motivators and workout buddies. The elliptical quickly replaced P90X all together though for the rest of the week. I ate well during the day, but certainly enjoyed my dinner and had a yummy desert every night! No low fat for sure and I enjoyed every bite. This was an expensive trip…so what the heck.

Coming home was a bit sad and anti-climactic. We had been planning this trip in secret for 1 ½ years, and it’s now all over. Exercise was hit or miss for the next two weeks, with some P90X DVDs, running, and walking. I did discover the pool again, my first love! I can knock out 2,000 yards (just over a mile) with no problem. And it has been great in this ungodly hot weather.

So, with all the exercise and what I deem as eating well, I was so very discouraged to finally check the scale only to discover a slight weight gain! How freaking depressing. Now, my exercising does include a lot of use with bands, push up and pull ups, and swimming. I know I am getting stronger because I can tell in how much more energy I have in the pool. Two-thousand yards wasn’t so easy and a bit intimidating early in the summer. I know muscle weighs more, but still, I want to be losing, not gaining.

I have also added a daily two-mile walk with the dog to get in some extra cardio. Is this weight ever going to drop off?

Food: I generally have been eating Special K for breakfast, along with a cup of coffee, and a banana. I have cereal for lunch sometimes because I love it so much and it’s only 250 calories, fills me up, and is satisfying. I have been cooking very well for dinner most nights with such dishes like baked chicken and tomatoes and onions for vegetables. If I snack, it is Special K bars at 90 calories or a Weight Watchers ice cream cup. I am hypoglycemic, so a Special K bar or an apple keeps me going between meals. Surprisingly, I am not bored with this at all and the fiber helps.

Summer school started up with about 30 students soon after the cruise, but that hasn’t kept me from working out. I am now keeping a personal written diary of my meals and re-measured all of my body for comparison later on. Sometimes it’s nice just to rant when needed. I have also calculated my BMI; hard to admit this, but it was 29.7 a few months ago and it's now 29.2. My next goal is to at least get it down to 25, but ultimately I’d like to see it at 20/21. I was feeling strong at the beginning of the week, but not so much today. Writing this is making me want to exercise right now that’s what I am about to do.

** UPDATE: Ok! Just finished Ab Ripper X and Shoulders and Arms from my P90X DVDs! Day 4/4 for good exercise this week ...almost didn't do it today. It's 11:13pm, so does that still count?! I know it is bad to work out at night, but I am not a morning person, unless I have a job at a gym like in the past and am already there.


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am so happy you're back, girl! Fighting the Pudge was missing you!

  2. So glad to be back! I needed your motivation today. Were you reading my mind?