Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's finally the end of the week! Friday morning kicked off with an awesome 90-minute Yoga session at Nature Yoga. I'd been away from my weekly class for two weeks and oh how I missed it. I'm sorta in love with Yoga. I also completed my first five-day exercise week! YAY!

I got back to my Overnight Oats in a Jar recipe (this one is with cranberries and almonds) for breakfast. It's the perfect dish in the morning, for it doesn't leave me too full or weighed down prior to working out. I did add just under a tablespoon of reduced fat Jif peanut butter to the mix, as many of the traditional Overnight Oats in a Jar recipes across the Web suggest storing your mixture in an almost empty peanut butter jar. It does make for a total of 488 calories. Still trying gage if that is an appropriate amount to eat first thing in the morning. Anyhow, upon my return home I grabbed a snack-size Breakstone's cottage cheese and had a nectarine for a snack.

I had a deadline for a press bio due that afternoon, so lunchtime came around 1:30pm. I decided to keep with my shrimp gazpacho leftovers and add some quinoa tabbouleh.

Come dinner, I headed downtown to meet some family for a lovely Italian dinner at Trattoria No. 10. I wish I had taken some photos of the meal I had, for it was presented in such a lovely manner and the taste was equally matched. I snacked on some whole-grain crackers and shared some grilled calamari with fava beans. I also split an arugula and granny smith apple salad with my aunt. My main entree was just as great, ravioli with asparagus and a sun-dried tomato sauce. You could also get your entree in an appetizer size, woo hoo! I wish more restaurants did this.

I ended up going over my totals for today, but not too terribly much.
Calorie goal 1,210-1,560: 1,632
Fat goal 32-57: 52
Carbohydrates goal 164-237: 242
Protein goal 60-128: 85

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