Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Fail

Well, Tuesday got off to a decent start ... I guess. I had good intentions of it being a productive and healthy day. But quite honestly, it must be hormones or something because this week has been a tad off.

Breakfast included two Nutri-Grain low-fat Eggo waffles with a teaspoon each of apricot preserves. I also added a cup of watermelon with a fourth-cup of blueberries. I can't believe that after 32 years of living I am finally a fan of watermelon. I always thought it had zero taste and the water-y substance was just so boring. But I'd had some in a fruit salad when I was visiting my parents in Michigan in June. Ryan has also jumped on board ... watermelon and cantaloupe. We never thought we'd see the day.

I headed downtown to meet a friend for lunch at Bistro Pacific, a fabulous Pan-Asian restaurant located inside the Playboy Building. I stuck with my usual maki rolls as I'd been craving sushi as of late: spicy california rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and cucumber rolls. I SO wish I had taken a photo because everything was so beautifully displayed. But once Sarah and I got chatting, lunchtime took over.

As I wait patiently on a few job leads, I am enjoying some of this time off. I opted to spend the rest of the afternoon running a few errands and grabbed a Grande iced skinny vanilla late from Starbucks prior to heading back to my neighborhood. Once I got home, it was 4pm. I was losing interest in attending the free yoga session sponsored by Whole Foods. This is when things started to take a turn for the worse.

Ryan and I had plans to grill some salmon and corn on the cob for dinner, however a few mishaps (the grill was too hot, the fish kept catching on fire ........) led us to a very different place. To make a long, not-so-important story short, the salmon LOOKED beautiful, but the inside didn't exactly cook to perfection.

Ryan stepped in and grabbed some curry turkey burgers that were in the freezer and we had those instead, with some herb-y field greens and our corn on the cob. Everything worked out, but we were both tired from all the meal prep and damage control that we wussed out on our bike plan for the evening and went record shopping instead.

Topping off the evening with some ice cream from Gyood wasn't the best idea either, but at least it's lactose-free, no cholesterol and low fat. Seriously, it's an awesome alternative to your usual high calorie ice cream treats and I love that they're in our neighborhood. But I added Reese's Peanut Butter Cup to the mix and Ryan had a sundae. Bad news all around.

No exercise and dessert. FAIL.

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