Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go Green!

This morning I had a job interview, so I decided to load up at breakfast. Can anyone tell me if it's appropriate to have 608 calories at breakfast. Anyhow, it was tasty and well worth. I didn't want to be starving after my 11am interview, forcing me to scrounge for something at a nearby fast food place. So I had my usual Cheerios with fresh blueberries, but indulged in a multi-grain flatbread with Ghee and bananas. I felt really full afterward and ready to take on the day.

Working out would have to wait, since I left at 9:45am this morning to make sure I made it to my location well in advance. It's funny, it always took at least an hour to go anywhere in New York City. It's a bit different in Chicago, traffic post-rush hour is much more easy breezy and I almost always find myself with an extra 30 minutes on my hands. Once the interview was over, I headed over to Starbucks for an iced tall skinny vanilla latte, my favorite. Since I had my meals plan ready for the day, I figured 70 calories wouldn't hurt me.

Lunchtime featured a repeat of yesterday's (July 12) with cool cucumber soup with avocado, but this time I added a herb-lettuce salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots and two tablespoons of roasted red pepper hummus. Totally yummy and satisfying. Green must be the color of the day ... just check out my meal with my placemat. Gotta give a shout out to my beloved alma mater, Michigan State University, too.

Today's workout arrived before dinner, as I headed downtown for *FREE* yoga courtesy of Whole Foods. The hour-long class was first-come first-serve and it filled up pretty quickly. The view, WOW! AMAZING! Doing yoga outside, let alone on a roof of a high-rise with the blue sky completely wide open, it was really lovely. While I didn't burn as many calories as I would with the elliptical trainer, this yoga session was a good break. I will definitely be going back next week!

Dinner also included a repeat of yesterday's dish: turkey chili with corn and black beans. Since Ryan is away in NYC all week for week, I prepared meals that would last me all week. Turkey chili is really tasty and filling. Add in some summer fruit salad and voila, a yummmmy dinner.

And Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt will be joining me again as a late night snack ... last's night vanilla was absolutely perfect. Tonight it's just me and grapefruit.

.. and I don't have to feel too guilty. I did go over three points in my carbs, but met all of my calorie, protein and fat goals for today. WOO!

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