Wednesday, July 28, 2010

P90X Week 4 begins!

I’ve had some really great workouts over the past three (week 3) weeks, but I am ready to commit to my real week 4 of P90X. I have been successful in walking with Charlie for two miles every day for the past week in addition to some other form of exercise. This makes me happy.

Here's my walking buddy Charlie:

My blog buddy, MacKenzie, has inspired me to take photos of all my meals. What a much easier way to keep track of your food and really thinking about what is going in your mouth if you have to take a picture of it?! Love it. Dr. Oz said today that those who keep a food diary tend to keep their lost weight off longer than those who do not. I am not good with keeping up with my food journals, although I have started them many times.

I have discovered I really love of Special K cereal, especially the fruit and yogurt line. I never get tired of eating this brand! A hot cup of fresh brewed 8 o’clock coffee rounds that out for me. I ate a big red apple for a snack later in the morning because I didn’t have any bananas, except my rotting ones waiting to be baked into a yummy banana nut bread recipe I need to get from sis. This is not low fat by any means, so I will share it when I make it tomorrow. If my sister will give permission, I will share the recipe with all of you. It’s sooooo good!

Today was my day off from teaching summer school, but it didn’t keep me from having to do work for school. So that is already keeping me busy this summer and now fall planning work has begun. Today was busy with lots of housework and laundry because I am going on a trip to Michigan and Chicago to see MacKenzie! Yeah! Lunch was my favorite, and probably not the healthiest choice, but I really wanted it: Campbell's Tomato Soup made with fat free lactose free milk (best find of my dietary life!) and a grilled cheese sandwich made with Publics awesome Chicago deli bread and Colby Jack Cheese. I truly enjoyed eating this while reading some of my current novel on my iPod Touch.

Dinner was better because I was not just making it for myself. I like cooking for others, so this makes me want to put more thought into the preparation. Stephen and I had pork chops seasoned with a nice salt rub, Lipton chicken and broccoli rice, and broiled cherry tomatoes with a dash of sea salt, fresh garlic, and olive oil. Mmm. I had a small glass of wine too …well I saved most of it for later. I still needed to work out.

Yoga X! Phew, I love the stretching. It feels so good.

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