Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tutti Fruitti Tuesday

And we're baaaaaaack! I hope everyone had a fine Tuesday. More of the usual here in the Windy City today, gorgeous weather with plenty of job hunting, blogging and other odds and ends. Ryan and I are gearing up for a camping trip this weekend, so I spent a lot of time researching healthy camp-friendly meals. But I'm getting anxious ... I want a job. Here's hoping things pick up once the summer calms down.

I was craving fruit pretty much the entire day and it began at breakfast. I had Cherrios with skim milk and four quartered strawberries. I also had some watermelon and blueberries on the side. I tell ya, Ryan and I are lovin' this watermelon and we're incorporating it more and more into our meal plans. I can't believe I was such a watermelon wuss for so long.

Lunch saw a repeat of yesterday's Taco Bake with Turkey. I also added a fresh nectarine. These are my absolute favorite summertime fruit and remind me a lot of being a little kid. My Mom always had fresh fruit around when my sister, Stephanie, and I were growing up, especially nectarines and peaches in the summer. I had a cold iced coffee as well.

Dinner would come later, as I attended my second class of free yoga courtesy of Whole Foods, in downtown Chicago. And prior to class, I snacked on some cherries and some low-fat string cheese from Lucerne so I wouldn't be starving come the end of class.

I am telling you, nothing beats an hour of FREE yoga or an hour long of FREE yoga under the wide open blue sky. The view is just too cool. And no lie, I did not plan all this pink on purpose. Haha!

Dinner arrived around 7:45pm and I grabbed some of last night's leftovers of Spiced Chicken and Couscous Salad. Can't get enough of this stuff. This is definitely going into rotation. And I also had a pear. See the reason for today's title?

All in all, Tuesday was pretty easy breezy. I have my regular date with Siggi's Yogurt shortly, but I am also going to try this DIY-face mask recipe made of Tumeric courtesy of SELF magazine tonight. I will report back tomorrow to fill you in on how things went.

Calorie goal 1,210-1,560: 1,466
Carbohydrates goal 164-237: 226
Fat goal 32-57: 27
Protein goal 60-128: 80


** UPDATE: The Tumeric mask concoction ... um, well, it turned my faced yellow. I looked like I had jaundice. While the exfoliant aspect of it is nice, it's safe to say I won't be trying this recipe again.

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