Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Weekends, man. They can be pretty tough when it comes to keeping on track with exercising and eating right. There can be so many distractions, like street festivals and barbecues. It's definitely been a work in progress since beginning my weight loss journey in mid-June.

Ryan and I were slow movers on Saturday morning. He went out jogging while I hit the elliptical trainer for 35 minutes and the Wii Fit for another 10. I also had my second weigh-in via the Wii Fit and I only lost ONE POUND! Two weeks prior, I had lost two pounds. I was bummed out for a second, but a loss is a loss, right? I've *just* started to lose weight. I can't complain. Since my first weigh-in with my doctor in April, when moving to Chicago, I've gone from 156 to 149. My BMI also decreased from 28.22 to 28.07. Prior to June, I was working out but not fully focused on my meals and calories, so I don't normally count it. But it certainly helps in the overall picture. I just want to stay on track to lose suggested 15 pounds by mid-September, which is when I see my doctor again.

With groceries and other errands out of the way, Ryan and I decided to eat out on Saturday evening. We haven't done that too much this summer, so it was a nice break. Frasca is a GREAT Italian eatery in Roscoe Village. Gorgeous decor and atmosphere, plus the food display is just as lovely.

Dinner turned a little decadent. Frasca was having a special on small and large cured meats plates, so Ryan and I opted for a small version with brie and apples, salmetto, herkimer white cheddar cheese, and asapargus, tomato, and prosciutto + reggiano. We also had a small marghertia pizza. Dinner, to say the least, was fantastic!

From there, we headed to the Taste of Lincoln street festival to meet up with some friends. My longtime friend from college, Tom, was in town and we had an awesome time catching up.

Sunday got off to a slow start as well. What's in the air? It's gotta be the allergies. Anyhow, Ryan and I headed to Montrose Beach for some time in the sun. Unfortunately no swimming was allowed due to a bacteria warning from the previous night's storm. But it was lovely being outside, enjoying the warm summer weather. Snacks included some pretzels, cantaloupe, and popcorn.

A fab weekend overall, but I'm ready for Monday! Time to get back on track.

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