Monday, August 2, 2010

Back in Action

Like I mentioned in my camping recap, getting back into the swing of things definitely took some work come Monday morning. Plus, Ryan and I had zero food in the house, so we had to make due with what we had prior to me jetting to the grocery store later that afternoon.

Breakfast consisted of a cup of Cheerios with fat-free skim milk and an orange. I love my oranges and have been keeping away from them with all the summertime nectarines and peaches.

We typically keep a ravioli pack from Rising Moon on back up in case we run out of food. Lucky for us, we had a garden vegetable and herbs version in the freezer. We paired that up with two cups of herby lettuce and some BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese and some cherry tomatoes.

Come dinner time, I still needed to do my workout. BOO! I feel like I have this window during the day (when I am off) where I need to complete my workout. This is a rare thing, but if I don't complete it by early afternoon, I have to move on to other things, which I did with running errands and grabbing groceries.

Anyhow, dinner included a new dish for us, Eating Well's Chicken and White Bean Salad. This was fantastic! The all-purpose vinaigrette was a nice change with its citrus-y base. Really satisfying and filling!

So my workout finally came around 8:30 and I wimped out at 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. There is a reason why most don't work out after dinner, right? I didn't feel so hot afterward and will call it a night soon after this and a Diet Vernors. Anyhow, I have to chalk it up, but 30 minutes is better than zero.

Calorie goal 1,210-1,560: 1,271
Carbohydrates goal 164-237: 166
Fat goal 32-57: 41
Protein goal 60-128: 66

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