Monday, August 30, 2010

Running with the Weekend

When it comes to the weekend, is it challenging to keep things on track? How do you keep your meals healthy? Do you exercise consistently? I have struggled with keeping a weekend routine ALL SUMMER LONG! It's not that I'm not eating healthy because I am ... for the most part. I have also squeezed in some quality cardio time throughout my summer weekends. But I feel like my weekends are just not as organized as my five-day week. Maybe it's summer, maybe it's the gorgeous weather, the barbecues and baseball games, I don't know. This weekend wasn't any different. Ryan and I opted to explore some more of Chicago in search of open houses and houses for sale. Am I really this old to be doing this? Haha! I feel 16!

This recap post is going to be very much like the theme in above paragraph: random. Please forgive me! I am trying to keep myself accountable for my weekend nutrition and exercise and I know I have failed miserably with posting on the weekends. But moving on ...

Saturday breakfast included a spinach omelette with cherry tomatoes. Ryan uses one egg with two egg whites when making this dish. I also had some homemade carrot, celery and apple juice and an iced coffee.

We spent much of the afternoon in our car, so we went to Qdoba for lunch. I kept things lite with a naked burrito with black beans and pico de gallo. For dinner, we tried The Village Tap, where I had chicken tacos. These were very clean and satisfying with lettuce, salsa, and corn tortillas. The chips were also baked.

We hit the pavement again on Sunday and once more we found ourselves eating out. Ugh. But for breakfast, I filled up on a two eggs on a multi-grain sandwich thin from Arnold and some watermelon with blueberries. Ryan and I also had a small glass of carrot, celery, and apple juice and an iced coffee.

Subway was our lunch option, where I had my signature six-inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard. We also stopped by this *awesome* coffee shop in Andersonville called The Coffee Studio. The sleek, modern decor was a lovely match to its health-friendly menu. Very cute place! I wish I'd taken some photos, but it was a quick stop in before an open house.

After several more stops, Ryan and I switched up to our usual Sunday grocery duties. We called it a day at Whole Foods. We were both too tired to cook anything. I had a salad with veggies, plus some lemon dill tuna and some lime and cilantro quinoa. I cannot pass up the tomato basil soup either.

How was your weekend? Thanks for checking out Fighting the Pudge!

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