Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Fat

I really hate going over in my fat calories. It truly bugs me, like it did on Monday. I had to do some reorganizing with today's menus in order to avoid any repeat of that. Having a cup of Cranberry and Almond Granola for breakfast at 524 calories ... I don't know. Across the blogosphere, granola seems to be celebrated and championed as a something healthy for breakfast. Is it really? Today, I'm totally to blame since I had a full cup instead of a half cup serving. I ended up skipping the banana.

I split up my late morning workout with a 45-minute power walk outside and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I spend A LOT of time inside, with various freelance projects, blogging, and job hunting. I just had the urge to take a break and get outside yesterday. Plus I was able to complete an errand, too.

For lunch, Ryan prepared Ellie Krieger's Four-Cheese Macaroni the night before. This mixture makes enough to fill an entire casserole dish, so we always have more than enough to last us throughout the week. We like to add broccoli to the squash-cheese base, giving a little more umph to the veggie goodness. Ryan added some salami to his portion as well. While it sounds super good and tasty, I'll won't be indulging in that section of the dish. Haha.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon wrapping up loose ends and preparing for other deadlines happening later in the week. For dinner, I turned to Ellie Krieger again for her Salmon Cakes with Sesame-Ginger Sauce. This is another dish that yields several helpings, and we end up putting half of it in the freezer for a later date.

For the ingredients, we used six five-ounce cans of Chicken of the Sea's pink salmon, six pieces of Brownberry's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread, half a can of water chestnuts from Dynasty, one Egg Beater, five fresh scallions, ground black pepper, and a fourth-cup of fresh cilantro from my herb garden. Cilantro makes everything better! I love me some cilantro!

Really good and so easy to make! It has a nice Asian flair with the water chestnuts and the Ginger-Sesame Sauce. The Sesame-Ginger Sauce includes drained non-fat plain yogurt from Green Valley Organics (lactose-free for the hubs), some soy sauce and fresh ginger. I paired mine up with an herby green salad with some cherries tomatoes and a bit of BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese.

Since I kept my calories in check today, I also had some No Pudge brownie. YUM!

Back to the grind tomorrow. Interview transcriptions and then some. Cheers!

Calorie goal 1,210-1,560: 1,461
Carbohydrates goal 164-237: 173
Fat goal 32-57: 53
Protein goal 60-128: 78


  1. WOW how funny last night I made homeade granola (way less calories) and had salmon patties for lunch :+) great minds think a like.

    PS: For the Granola Recipe head over to my blog I posted it this morning!

  2. High-five girl! That's awesome!

    Omg, you are a life saver. I am checking out your granola recipe right now. Can't wait to try something new! Thank you for mentioning.