Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Step 2, 3, 4

"ATTENTION" (says the drill sergeant): In the early morning hours of Monday, August 9th (5:45 a.m., to be exact), I reluctantly began a month-long fitness boot camp AKA bikini boot camp, led by The Body Firm Atlanta. The Body Firm Atlanta is founded on the "adapt and change" technique, which means I will participate in a variety of workouts (including distance running, plyometrics, core training, abs, resistance bands, weight lifting, aerobics, and kickboxing), all of which have varying degrees of intensity. Just when my body gets acclimated to a certain style of fitness, there will be an abrupt change in the workout, so as to maximize my fitness level. In other words, through boot camp, I full expect to transform myself from a couch potato to a fit chick.

I do not have any short-term goals for this session of boot camp, other than to have 100% attendance for the 20 sessions that are set to take place over the course of the next month (I'm 2 for 2 right now, and while my muscles are begging for a break, I will be there bright and early tomorrow). Speaking for the long-term, though, I would like to make physical fitness a priority in my life, and I think that boot camp will do the trick to get me into enough shape to begin a workout regimen on my own.

After Day 1, here's where I stand:
- My mile time is an abhorrent 10 minutes and 59 seconds;
- I did 60 sit-ups in two minutes;
- I did 50 push-ups in two minutes (approximately 30 of those were "girl" push-ups).

After Day 2, here's where I stand: In GREAT Pain!

Happy health!

BTW--For those of you who don't know me, my name is Stephanie, and I am MacKenzie's younger sister. I have spent the past 7 years of my life in the very hospitable, Atlanta, Georgia, where strangers say "hi" (or "hey y'all"), and the the sun shines the majority the year. Almost 1 year ago, I adopted my beloved beagle/pointer-mix, Teddy, who just turned 2 and enjoys chewing the "squeak" out of his toys and playing with his neighborhood dog friends, including (but not limited to): Lisa, Tripper, Atlas, Zoe, Buster, and Scooter. Having recently turned the dreaded 30, myself, I decided that I am not going to spend my thirties wishing I was a size 6 (like I did in my twenties). I'm going to make it happen!

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  1. Nice work dude. I doubt I could do even 15 push-ups in two minutes. Maybe that should be a new goal, haha.