Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Productivity Comes First ... Then the Cubs

Wowsa, here we are on the last day of August. I'm sure I'll lament about this some more tomorrow, but this time of year always takes me back to starting school.  It's that's feeling of getting a fresh start, you know? With my current unemployment situation, I feel like I need to be starting anew as well. :)

Today was fantastically busy with various networking duties and deadline tweaks, so I cannot complain. I don't think I left my computer most of the day, other than to kick some butt on the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes.

I kicked off breakfast with some more Love Your Man Steel-Cut Oatmeal was plenty, too. I paired that up with some fresh strawberries, a banana, and an iced coffee.

For lunch, Ryan and I had our final helping of Bethenny's Asian Chicken Salad. This one is a good one and I'll definitely bring it back. Also, I have to give a shout out to my dear Michigan State Spartans, hence me including my glass in the photo. Ha! We're just five days away from the best day of the year: the first day of college football! YAY!

I also snacked on some nectarine slices after lunch, and eventually had myself some part-skim mozzarella string cheese.

Ryan and I had our second Cubs game of the summer and start time was 7:05, so dinner was quick. We had a mixed greens salad with carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, and shredded BelGioioso parmesan cheese. For our main entree, we had spinach-cheese tortellini from Buitoni, served with with tomato and basil pasta sauce from Rinaldi. Love this back up meal!

Ryan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in June and I went the traditional route of sticking with the "paper" theme. We'd just moved to Chicago and both of us had always wanted to see the Cubs play at the historical Wrigley Field, so I purchased us two tickets to see them play against the Pittsburgh Pirates, plus it was free hat night!

Even though my first trip was two weeks ago when my Dad visited, it was awesome to go with Ryan and experience the Cubs games underneath the lights. Did you know that "The Friendly Confines", which was built in 1914, didn't have night games until 1988?


Unfortunately, the Pirates held off the Cubs 14-7. It was still a blast to be there, though! Our third and final Cubs game of the summer will be on Sunday.

When attending sporting events or concerts, how do you keep it healthy?


  1. I try to keep things healthy by eating before I go to sporting events. I usually have a couple light beers at concerts but I tell myself they're sweated out with all of the dancing and body heat.

  2. Oh my, you guys watching live football! Such a great fun. I'm sure you had a great time there. Another simple meal for a simple lovely day huh! Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    p/s all you need to do is just copy the picture from my site & then paste it to your blog. Thank the person and pass the award to some other blogger. Finally, write 10 things about yourself.
    Hopefully, this will help! hehe...

  3. LeashieLoo - Yep, that's why we had dinner beforehand. Right on :)

    Kristy - Your enthusiasm rules!

  4. great pic of you and ryan at the game!

  5. Mac : I never follow the rules anyway! I just do my best (But I used to for the first few awards)! hehe...
    Regards, kristy

  6. My hubby and I used to live right by Wrigley...brings back great memories and makes me miss those games! As for how to stay healthy, that's a tough one. I have a soy allergy, so I'm always packing little snacks or eating before I go. PS: I am a huge oatmeal lover too! Best breakfast ever :)