Sunday, August 15, 2010

School Begins Tomorrow!

I've had a lovely weekend on my own while Stephen was away coaching his first soccer tournament of the season in Atlanta. His boys made it to the finals :-). This gave me a chance to really concentrate and get things ready for the first week.

Today was the start of phase 2 of P90X. This is the beginning of week 1 of 4. I did Tony's Ab Ripper X and I'll tell you, this always kicks my but. It's the best 15 minutes of abs exercises I have ever experienced. Then it was on to Triceps, Arms, and Biceps. Amazing how tough bands can be during a workout. It was also the first time with this DVD and it was not easy. I just hope to keep it up as school gets under way tomorrow. Meetings after school are going to be crazy this week.

After having a nice workout, I kept it up and took Charlie out while on the roller blades. He loves this and can never get enough! I try to race him sometimes. It's hilarious when he looks over and seems challenged and tried to run even faster. I don't have a chance after that!

I made Stephen some nachos for dinner after he rolled in from his long weekend, then searched the blog for MacKenzie's yummy fruit salad! We had such a wonderful visit in Chicago a few weekends ago and had a chance to sample this salad for ourselves. So yummy. Stephen reacted so well to it, that I thought I'd try to make it. Turned out great and again is very yummy. Thanks Kenz and Ryan!

I have so much more to post about my vacation to Michigan and Chicago! I saw so many old friends and family, two fun concerts, and exercised on my Mom's deck almost every day over looking the lake. Here's hoping I am not away from the blog as much as I have been! Steph, so glad to see you have joined!!

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  1. Nice work on the fruit salad, lady! Looks fab!