Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pushing On

Ah thank you, Thursday, for getting me back on track after such a glum Wednesday. It was a productive day throughout, as a I waited for my blogging cohort Raina and her hubby Stephen to arrive in the Windy City.

Breakfast saw a repeat of my Shredded Wheat, but with five sliced strawberries. I also had an iced coffee.

In between some cleaning and errands, I also got in some time on my elliptical trainer ... 45 minutes plus 10 sets of 10 dumbbell exercises. Felt good to kick some booty, and I tell you, I earned those last three minutes, too. Afterward, I had some of Wednesday dinner's pasta leftovers for lunch, with some english cucumber slices with sea salt and cherries.

Raina and Stephen both arrived around 5:30pm and we chatted for a while before heading to dinner in Lincoln Park. We were meeting with one of our longtime friends from high school, Dan, and his girlfriend, Kathy. Dan suggested meeting at a Vietnamese restaurant called Simply It, for it's his favorite restaurant in Chicago. What a LOVELY place!

Raina ordered a Saigon Crepe and we each shared a piece. It was pretty tasty, with its shrimp, chicken, mung beans, mushrooms, onion, bean sprouts. I also had some Shrimp Spring Rolls on the side.

I wish I had taken more photos, but as the evening set in so did the darkness. For my main entree, I tried the Pumpkin Shrimp. What a nice mix with the fresh sautéed pumpkin and a light oyster sauce. I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

I have to say Simply It was simply perfect! A great evening with good friends. Afterward, Raina, Stephen, Ryan, and I headed to Lincoln Hall for The Big Pink show. As time goes by, I'm sure my inner music geek will unfold here. Anyhow, what a fantastic, cacophonic light show. Lollapalooza is here this weekend and there are a handful of Lolla parties happening. Oh how I wish summer wasn't close to over.

Thanks for reading! xx