Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop

Happy Wednesday everyone! What a crazy day it's been and there's no stopping the insanity tomorrow, either. I am working on a press bio for a pretty exciting project called OFF! Long story short I've been writing about music for a little over a decade and sometimes I write bios for publicists and labels. This one is on OFF!, the new project featuring Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks and Blag Flag. Between preparation for that and some other duties, it's been one of those days. But it's absolutely gorgeous outside and I'm having dinner with a friend later, so everything's all good.

First things first. I got a ticket to this year's Healthy Living Summit! I am so excited and it's here in Chicago this year. I'm fairly new to this as well, for I hadn't heard of it until this spring. So yeah, I'm pumped to see what's in store. I'll definitely be blogging about it here.

Breakfast featured one of my growing favorites, banana on Cybros multi-grain flatbread with Ghee. I also had a nectarine with a few strawberries. Absolutely delicious and more than enough to tie me over until lunch. I can't forget about my iced coffee. I only drink one of these a day and that's plenty. I think I might need a new mug ... Starbucks is always showing, haha.

Lunch referred back to my four-cheese macaroni. This time, I paired it up with a pickle and some cherries. But I wouldn't eat the cherries until about an hour and a half before my dinner. Add a skim-milk string cheese from Lucerne and there's my snack for the day.

My workout came about mid-afternoon with 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 10 sets of 10 dumbbell routines. Better later than never I suppose.

Ok, I'm about to head out to dinner with my friend Amy. I'm trying out a new restaurant that's highly recommended by a few of my other Chicago pals. More in a bit.

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