Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wowsa! What a weekend!

Summer is the city never gets old, and lucky for me and Raina, it was a truly lovely weekend! Lots of good food and fun around Chicago. We saw the Bean and walked around Millennium Park, saw Wrigley Field and walked around Wrigleyville and Lakeview, and did some record shopping at Reckless Records. The town was crawling with visitors in for Lollapalooza. I was fortunate enough to see Johnny Marr, who played guitar for my beloved Smiths and later the Pretenders, The The, and most recently Modest Mouse and the Cribs. The guy was on the phone, and I didn't want to pester him with my teenybopper antics for a picture. All in all, a fabulous weekend. Spending time with old friends never gets old ... but she has all the good pictures of us.

I wasn't the best at capturing photos of everything we did, especially on the food front, so here's a snapshot of our time together.

Prior to venturing outside on Friday afternoon, Raina and I also worked out. She completed some Yoga on P90-X, while I plowed through 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer. In the city, we visited the Millennium Park and the Bean! I finally saw this amazing installation piece on after four months of living here.


Friday night, we had some grilled eats at our house, with grilled corn on the cob, grilled kale, and a hamburger (90% lean sirloin) with herby greens, mustard, and a Cybros' seven-bean sprouted bun. Ryan's summer fruit salad was also on hand.

Ryan cooked up an omelette (Egg Beaters) with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on Saturday morning. I had mine with Cybros' multi-grain flatbread and ghee. We also had some leftovers of his awesome fruit salad. YUM!

Saturday afternoon, we had lunch at Harmony Grill, which is attached to the small venue and bar, Schubas. We've heard lots of great things about this place, especially the mac 'n' cheese. We ordered a mini-mac for all of us to share. For an entree, I had a chicken salad sandwich with brie and green apples, plus potato salad. It's safe to say that this was my day to enjoy my food. Plus, they had some amazing artwork.

Later, after some record shopping and what not, we had dinner at New Tokyo in Lakeview. Stephen and I shared an Alaska roll, while I ordered some Spicy Tuna and California rolls. He also had the Blue Dragon roll.

Raina and Stephen headed back home at the crack of dawn on Sunday and Ryan and I played catch up on sleep and errands. Ready for another week of working out and working hard! My second weigh-in will come early this week, as well as some new recipes. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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