Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Case of the Snacks

Thursday was a little consumed with snacks. I just had snacking on the brain for some reason. I had a lot of work to do, which meant sitting in front of my computer for much of the afternoon. You know how it goes, you brain wanders sometimes and you think of something good to eat. Anyhow, I kept it healthy.

The morning kicked off with some more Cybros multi-grain flatbread and banana, as I wanted to make good use of the banana before they went bad. I paired that up with some cantaloupe and strawberries and an iced coffee.

Later in the morning, I had some errands to run, so I hopped on my bike. It was nice to be outside, in the sun, before the heat kicked in. After stopping by our friend Dayn's to pick up the White Sox/Tigers (GO TIGERS!) tickets, I headed to the post office to mail off some packages. My workout actually worked out to 45 minutes. WOO!

Lunch, once again, saw some more of our Four-cheese Macaroni. I think I am ready to put this to bed for a while. I need something else. It was fabulous while it lasted, though. Ryan and I shared a pear with lunch as well.

The majority of my afternoon swallowed up by interview transcriptions and my brain sort of went into overdrive on the snack front. I had a string cheese, a pickle, and some veggies with a tablespoon of Athenos' Roasted-Red Pepper hummus. This was all spread throughout the day.

I was a little anxious I suppose for our date at Lincoln Hall, where Sound Opinions was showing the movie "Once". I've been a massive fan of Glen's band, The Frames, for years, so being able to be a part of such an intimate gig with only 200 people in attendance was great. This was also a fab early birthday present for me. So come dinner time, I had some quick leftovers of Salmon Cakes with Sesame-Ginger Sauce and we were out the door.

Here are some snapshots from the show. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season were also on hand for a short question and answer session and performance. The evening was so lovely! The Frames will be doing a 20th anniversary tour this fall, which makes me sooooooo excited! If you're new to the Frames, check out their Set List album. Phenomenal live stuff!

And with the show running late, I did run over my calories by just a little. Promise to post more on-track data on Friday. Cheers!

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  1. Yum that snackage looks awesome... I can't wait to get a bike ride or two in this weekend!