Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keeping Time with Coconut Granola and Veggie Salad

This week is flying by like crazy! Please ... slow ... down. I have several things left to check off my to-do list for this week, not to mention press bio revisions and more. Sometimes I wish we had 30 hours in a day.

Breakfast included a new granola dish courtesy of Mrs. Adventure. A few weeks back she suggested that I try her coconut granola recipe because it's lower in fat and calories. I'm not the biggest coconut fan, but do enjoy chunks of coconut from time to time. Whoa! What a fantastic surprise! This particular recipe is light in sweetness and in coconut, so it offers the perfect blend of flavors. The sunflower seeds also really pop here. I'm definitely keeping this one in rotation this week.

I also paired mine up with a cup of watermelon and some iced coffee.

I finally got Chef Meg's Taco Soup together for lunch. It's too thick to be a soup and turned out like a chili, but really good nonetheless. I added some cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market and a handful of Baked Scoops from Tostitos.

I spent the rest of my day between old projects wrapping up and new freelance gigs coming in. Snuck in another iced coffee too. Yikes. I hope this isn't a scene of what's to come. I gotta get back to having tea. Riiiiight?

Dinnertime featured some lemon dill salmon burgers from Whole Foods. We served ours on seven-grain sprouted buns from Cybros with herb lettuce and mustard. I also mixed up some green zebra tomatoes and mini bell peppers purchased at Green City Market with a half-cup of chickpeas. I always used to laugh whenever the Food Network comments on the "color" of a dish ... but I absolutely *LOVE* the color of this veggie salad. Haha. We drizzled some dressing made of rice vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and pepper. Pretty fantastic!

It seems like the job market here is slowly gaining momentum, so I spent the rest of my evening applying for jobs. Fingers and toes are crossed that something falls into place this fall. I had top off my day with some plain Siggi's yogurt and raspberries.

When things get crazy busy, do you find yourself wishing for more time in a day?

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